The Paper Speaks

A Series of Books, 8½ x 11 inch, 72 page
The Paper Speaks is a project that encourages people to imagine the wide and varied range of crumpling sound experiences held within the interaction of paper. In book 1, there is an assortment of 36 kinds of papers each possessing different thicknesses, qualities, and weights. Each sheet is perforated, so people can actually tear them out and create sound experiences from the papers themselves. In the second book, there are only crumpling patterns on each of the pages that encourage people to imagine the actual sound.



Liddy Scheffknecht

Pop Up, 2009
papelão, fita. 94 x 275 x 200 cm
em colaboração com Armin B. Wagner


Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol's Index Book


Yusuke Suzuki

Yusuke Suzuki deu novo significado à expressão “dormir nos livros”.
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Noriko Ambe

"Artists who make pieces, Artists who do books", 2008
Cuts on a book of "ED Ruscha"
13(H) x 36.8(W) x 20.3(D) cm

In the Studio : Alberto Giacometti, 2009
Cut on a catalogue of "In the Studio, Alberto Giacometti"
30.5(H) x 24(W) x 3.2(D) cm

+ em http://www.norikoambe.com/works/index.html


Maria Lai

Maria Lai, Libro scalpo, 1978

Maria Lai, Libro scalpo, 1978

Este livro foi encontrado noótimo blog-irmão gêmeo nosso, o http://tuttalacartadelmondo.blogspot.com, grande dica da Daniela Maura.